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The Speed Bag is a well known piece of fitness equipment that is usually associated with boxing. However, the unique aspects of its design and use can far surpass its benefits for just boxing or martial arts. And what athlete doesn’t need Increased eye-hand coordination or faster reactions to a moving target?

The speed bags simple design makes it a perfect choice for the home fitness environment and the rhythmic cadence of its beat allows for a most creative workout experience.

Our mission is to present the most comprehensive information available about the speed bag training, including issues of speed bag equipment, how it works, and ways to create individualized speed bag workouts to target your own personal benefits. Whether you are a speed bag beginner, an experienced practitioner just looking to exand your skills, or somone with physical challenges in need of a simple and inexpensive home workout activity, Speedbagcentral is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. 


Many Thanks to the Rosendale Theatre Collective and all the people responsible
for sponsoring the very first premier showing of this Documentary. We value your
support in telling the world about the speed bag! 

"Art of the Bag" follows the evolution of the speed bag and
shows that it's much more then just a boxing exercise.
 ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!   SEE and HEAR the past and present
masters of the speed bag. You will not believe how long this has
been around, or how many people have loved it!
"The Art of the Bag... A Speed Bag Story" was envisioned, produced and directed by
Joe Saba, who started out a few years ago as a guy mesmerized by the sound and 
fury of the speed bag, and through many hours under the board became a bagger
of master level skills, while beautifully capturing the heart and soul of the bag
and a small but growing cadre of speed bag fanatics who gather yearly to 
share their skills and learn from each other. Joe spent over two years 
and many thousands of his own dollars producing this film for the
soul purpose of honoring the Speed Bag and those that use it. 
Thanks JOE!

Joe with Tommy Tabino and Tim Platt review footage

Joe captures the amazing, blazing, SpeedBagSkunk (Zach Ruffo) 
(* and if you need any multimedia or interactive training materials
on any topic, Joe is your man. He does this for a living!


HEATHER GULLICK of the UK is attempting a second world record
for Speedball punching in January 2014.  She is striving for a whopping
30 hours of non-stop punching! Always one to help others, she is using this
event raising money for several charities, The Early Birth Association
and Breast Cancer Research.  Speedbagcentral is proud to endorse this
event and supports Heather in her efforts to help other by via the speed ball
Come on baggers, let's all support Heather in her event! 


Young Speed Bag Master Matthew Santiago rocks the major advertising world
with a great demonstration of speed bagging in the new commercial: 



Speed Bag IV was a great success! Thanks to all for attending.
There is a new innovative product available for easy and accurate measurement of your speed bag punching performance. The "Speed Demon" has been tested and approved by many of the best baggers we know, and it does what it says.  If you have always wished to have measurements on your workouts so you can track your progress, than this is the product you are looking for!
demonstrated the amazing art of  "PUNCH DRUMMING(TM) during part
of his own Drum Solo's.  THANKS to BALAZS BOXING for donating the 
rock solid UBS1S FREESTANDING FLOOR frame.  This was memorable

That Metal Show  Saturday April 7, 2012  and Saturday April 14, 2012