A 3rd Meeting of the Speed Bag minds......
SPEED B.A.G. III will be July 13-15, 2012 at Real Gymm in Keyport, NJ
  Alan Kahn, author of the
Speed Bag Bible, and owner of SpeedBagCentral.com,
gets to visit the home location of SpeedBagforum.com, and owner Tim Platt.
This meeting was the start of a secret plan to have speed bags take over the world, invading every home, garage, fitness and rehabilitation center.

Where all the action is...
Surrounded by bags of all sizes, Tim runs the rack, hitting each for a few rounds before changing to the next. He goes from a large slow 12x10 down to a tiny and fast 6x4.  

In the past several years Tim has put in the time and work to become a true Speed Bag Master, particular with the more advanced Elbow Striking methods of double and triple bumping elbows from the outward, downward and also Inward directions. And he does this at high speeds on small 7x4 speed bags, rivaling the best under the board. Congratulations to his amazing bag skills! 
Always willing to learn a new technique or combination, Tim gets a day of private tutoring.
Eventually, we even got him punching to music.

His biggest nemesis is the Side Double Punch (SDP), so we spent lots of time tuning up his technique and fist positions.
Here his left fist demonstrates perfect lead fist contact on the front-side panel an Everlast 9x6 model 4200 bag.
his right fist is in correct position out to the side area, waiting to follow the lead fist after it connects. When really punching it is advised to make a fist, closing the fingers.
Tim again working on the Side Double Punch.
Tim is a genuinely nice guy, a computer genious and true speed bag fan. His work in developing Speedbagforum.com has given speedbaggers around the world an online place to meet and share our joy of the bag.
It's the only place online for FREE tutoring of a physical skill. All members can help each other
by posting videos for comments on the forum. 
This was the first meeting together, and they sponsored a Speed Bag Training Seminar, at La Boxing Club in Orlando, Florida. Hopefully, it was the first of many joint ventures with the speed bag.  
"Art of the Bag" will follow the evolution of the speed bag and show
that it's much more then just a boxing exercise.
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