Bag Areas Angles

Bag Areas
The speed bag can be hit from anywhere around it, but it is easiest to view this by dividing the board into four separate areas. The front, the left side, the right side and the back. ( pictures). These four areas will become increasing important as you learn more techniques and new combinations.

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Angles of Fist Entry and Rebound
Since techniques and combinations can come from all areas around the bag, the angles of your fists entering the contact zone, and the angle the bag will take in reaction to your punches, are one of the secrets to control. You want your fist to enter the hitting zone in the proper direction to contact the bag when it is in the correct spot. You will have to do this by timing and the sound of the bag! Your eyes, and the after image of the moving bag, will always be late. You can?t really see the actual spot of contact. You have to trust that the bag and your fist are on the correct angle. Regardless of the direction of your punch, you want to contact the bag just after it hits the board and is tilted away from your fist. (picture) Slight variations in your punches can alter the bags rebound. Most people punching from the front will see the bag rebound in an "X" pattern, which is typical for front punching, but this changes when the bag is punched from all around.

There is no distinct border between the four bag areas. For instance, sometimes your hook punch, which is a side technique, will hit more toward the front of the bag than straight in from the side. Or perhaps your reverse punch hits more toward the side-rear area then directly behind the bag. The bag angle of rebound will reflect that difference. This can affect the timing of your next punch, depending on which of the four areas it comes from. Fortunately the punching angles are pretty standard and you probably don?t have to worry about them. But at the advanced level you can alter the angles of fist entry to purposely alter the angle of bag rebound and create some advanced combinations.
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