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"Art of the Bag" will follow the evolution of the speed bag and show
that it's much more then just a boxing exercise.


Boxing & Martial Arts Training info: Websites ( training advice and boxing information ? great forum also)  ( training information with video clips)
Max ( major boxing information and link site )
BoxRec UK       (awesome info on boxing schedules, fighters etc.)  (new, interviews and training materials)
Winkler Collection of Boxing Photographs  (many historical pictures)  ...dedicated to the girls. Great info site for woman boxing.  dedictated to boxing related vidoes
7 Cities Boxing, Virginia Beach ( Youth training and competition)
Amateur Boxing News UK  UK amateur boxing news, clubs, & boxer's profiles
Boxing.TV com  Your link to boxing and sports video's.  (tips, merchandise, news, video's)
Pacific Rim Sports  (Oakland CA)
Retired Boxers Federation   assisting professional boxers now retired.
 **  Sign Petition for retired boxer benefits  ( click to fill out petition)     Great information covering all aspects of boxing: news, techniques & diet.
Get Prepared 4 Life  Personalized training, Boxing and Speed Bag expertise!   non-stop coverage, reviews and insights.    Check the forum!  Boxing Made Simple by Johnny Nguyen. Great Variety of News & Training Tips.  Because protection is a must!
TitleBoxing Blog  training articles
Boxing Training & Fitness: Great training information for all levels of  Boxers.
Proboxinggear Boxing related Training Articles
Martial Arts links
Sifu George Hajnasr (Jeet Kun Do) 
Master Andrew Reese (a dedicated speed bag student!)
Coolshack Martial Arts World  ( great site for all styles)
University Boxing Club links, Melbourne Florida. (many)
Fateh?s Fight Club, Ontario Canada
Titan Fitness Gym.  Boxing & MMA instruction  Great Resources for Martial Arts - Taekwondo, Judo, Hapkido & Self-Defense Comprehensive martial arts information and products network.

Boxing & Martial Art Forums  Meet & speak to others!
There are many forums online. These are highly recommended. All require that you register to post, but reading is always welcome.
*  (An interactive forum dedicated to speed bag!)  Forum ( Excellent forum with active postings )  Forum (another excellent forum)
World Boxing (active forum on various boxing topics)  Forum  (forums of
Martial Arts Planet Forum ( many styles & boxing)
Deluxe Martial Arts Forum (many styles & boxing) Forum (many topics)
TDKtutor forum  (Taekwondo)
Amateur Boxing NewsUK Forum ( UK International boxing forum)
Boxing & Martial Arts Newgroups:
Boxing & Martial Arts Equipment information:  (* punch bag enthusiast!)
 Movies & Hollywood.
Youth & Family related

YMCA Europe Festival 2008  (* 3-9 August 2008, Prague, Czech Republic)
Check out Bob Valvano: the V SHOW  on ESPN radio. A true inspiration.
Other Speed Bag Related links
    THE SPEEDBAG SKUNK   (You have to watch him twice to see it all.... F-A-S-T!!)
   SPEEDBAGSCISSORHANDS ( Master of Speed Bag Spinning...)
   FISTWORK SPEEDBAG ACADEMY, Kitchener, ON N2H 3X8, Canada. The Real Deal!