Speed Bag Education

THE ART OF THE BAG..... A speed bag documentary

See the masters of Speed and Timing in this film!

The best source of Educational Speed Bag History!


The Speed Bag has had a much larger influence on our society than ever imagined! In fact, The Executive Board of SpeedBagCentral reflects the unique diversity of those influenced by speed bag training and education.

Executive Board discusses speed bag issues.

Opinions sometimes run high?.

and Board Member disagreements are often settled the old fashion way.

The Executive Board of Speed Bag Central is dedicated to ALL aspects of Speed Bag Education, and we sponsor classes in a wide variety of subjects.

Some Speed Bags are ?rhythmically challenged? and can not find the beat. For bags that require some type of rhythmic pre-training, we now sponsor several educational activities

the Macarena teaches listening and following

Line Dancing teaches synchronization.

Speed Bag sing-a-Longs have also proven effective as a method of rhythm training.

We also sponsor financial training
And investment classes.

And we have just initiated our ?well-baby speed bag? training center.