SpeedBagCentral was there and it was awesome!
SpeedBagCentral was there and it was awesome!
Bagging Skills are going supersonic!  

SPEED B.A.G. III was held July 13-15, 2012 at Real Gymm in Keyport, NJ
SpeedBagCentral was there and it was awesome!
Bagging skills are rising to a whole new level!  Many parts of 
"The ART of the BAG....A Speed Bag Story" were filmed
during this outing! 
SPEEDB.A.G IV  was there  OMG!
Don't  Miss the SIXTH annual Gathering!




Activities and Events.
Occasionally some major sporting goods show or sporting event requests a speed bag demonstration or teaching seminar. When that happens, Speed Bag Central contacts Alan Kahn, author of the Speed Bag Bible, or other willing speed bag enthusiasts to appear and wow the crowd.
The Oriente Speed Bag Seminar at the YMCA in Sarasota, Florida.
  The teaching crew.
Ernest jr., Alan Kahn, (red 9x6 Speedbag) ?E.O? Sr. and son John
Ernie Senior was the featured speed bag instructor at the last
Prague, Czech Republic
Aug 3 - 9   2008

Speed Bag Seminar, Sarasota Florida
Ernie & John Oriente
Relax! ?BE THE BAG??
Coach Ernie jr. helps a beginner

National Sporting Goods Association
Chicago, Illinois
The Dallas Fitness show, Dallas Tx

Las Vegas Sports & Fitness show August 1995
Speed Bag Demonstrations, NW. Texas County Fair.
everybody want to learn!