On June 8th 2006, IronglovesBoxing in Tempe Arizona had a visit with Alan Kahn, author of the Speed Bag Bible. He, the staff and the members got to spend some time practicing and learning some new speed bag combinations.  Joe & Renene are big believers in the use of the speed bag for their trainees, and everyone had a great time.
meet and work with Alan.
from Left to Right:  
Joe Leinhouser, owner, Ray Stafford (from Ireland), Alan Kahn, Rory Hoffner and Ron Robinson.
All are fully qualified and certified trainers. They are also accomplished on the speed bag.
Joe Leinhouser, owner and head trainer of Irongloves boxing. A proud gulf war vet and man of deep faith.
If you train with this man, you will train with the best.
Be prepared. No excuses.
Unfortunately, Joe's wife Renene Leinhouser wasn't in
this day.
but just in case you missed her.....

Irongloves will be expanding soon, and hopefully a full blown speed bag demonstration and training seminar can be a part.