On Saturday May 26th SpeedbagCentral and Speedbagforums.com joined forces at  LA BOXING - ORLANDO
1425 Tuskawilla Rd, Ste 209 Winter Springs, FL 32714 to present a day long speed bag seminar.     The six hours event last NINE hours!  
* Several pictures provided by Tim Platt and Zach Ruffo
  The Teaching Team:
  Left: Tim Platt, owner
   Center: Alan Kahn
author, The speed Bag Bible
   Right: Zach Ruffo
"The speed bag Skunk"
Young Speed Bag Master
A little tandem demo to get the
LA Boxing members going.
man behind with camera is
Mr. Brain A. Light, filming to put
 the event on a "lightatmidnight.tv".
Zach cracks a smile as sparks fly off the swivel.  Believe it or not, there is a speed bag in this picture. Fortunately there was a fire extinquisher handy if the board burst into flames.
This man is FAST ! 
Tim Platt and Zach Ruffo cut loose in a tandem speed bag  punching demonstration.
Now it was the members turn. Everyone warmed up and got ready to learn some new moves. The gaggle of bags on the floor all saw action before the day was over.
A movtivated attendee learns to do the Front Double Punch, along with Fist Rolling and a few Elbow Strikes. 
The man stayed for the entire day, eventually calling his girl friend who also learned some new combinations.
One of the LA Boxing staff was fascinated with Front Fist Rolling and listens intently to the finer points of doing that technique.
Mr. J. Scott, the LA Boxing director of Marketing,  turned out to be an avid speed bag fan
and picked up a lot of new techniques and combinations!
He cracks a smile when he "feels the bag beat" while punching in time to music. 
He was jammin'!
Zach Ruffo takes a turn at teaching the attendees the finer points of elbow striking. These two learned a lot and were amazed at some of his advanced combinations.
Celebrity in the House!
That's TURBO B on the Bag.
Turbo B is the main voice of SNAP, and you can hear his work on "I got the Power", and
the man's Got Rhythm!
Turbo wanted to Take it to the Limit, so he stayed on bag long after everybody left. 
That's Past the Point of no Return
The highlight of this meeting was Turbo playing I Got The Power over the speakers, and singing the rap live while Alan punched to it.  It was great!
Turbo reacts to a "Zach attack"
but Ruffo backs off when turbo says:
* "...Please, stay off my back. Or I will attack -  
And you don't want that..."
* (lyricks from I got the power) 
Turbo reminds you all that
He IS  * the Lyrical Jesse James
and for the record: the man
can really hit the speed bag very well.  
* "the Lyrical Jesse James"
* (lyricks from I got the power)  
Turbo and SNAP still perform live all over the World. Don't miss them!
All day long, the bags were a Blur as everyone worked hard to learn new techniques and combinations. on the left, Tim had his hands full with this energetic young lady.  
This young man made his dad (black shirt behind) proud, learning several new techniques, such as Double Punching and Front Fist Roll.
Here the young man learns to keep the arm up for linking the fist through the bag from front to back.   He got it!
SpeedBagCentral.com would like to thank LA Boxing in Winter Springs, Florida for allowing us to have this teaching Seminar, and all the help your staff gave to make it a success!

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This event was Videotaped by Brian A. Light, the Executive Producer of
  Lightatmidnight.tv,  a new and exciting website featuring the sights and
sounds of Orlando Florida. He loves the speed bag and stayed for quite a while! 
Check out the High Def Video!
Thanks Brian!  Great job and very hip site!