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S.B. Gathering IX  July 2018

"Art of the Bag" will follow the evolution of the speed bag and show
that it is much more then just a boxing exercise.
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Speedbagcentral.com welcomes all photographs that feature speed bag related activities or other innovative ideas of how to use it.

The late great
Joe Skrycki

?Mr. Joe? was a Friend and coach to hundreds of kids in Grand Rapids, Mi. He was a cop for 35 years, and coached In the Seidman Youth center for 9 years During which his boxers won a combined 140 state, regional and national titles.

R.I.P. Joe. You were loved by all.


The late great Buster Mathis, heavyweight
Contender against Ali & Frazier.

Buster Mathis was coached all the way to the pro ranks by Mr. Joe in the Seidman youth Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His son Buster Jr. Also was a heavyweight contender, training where this photo was taken in Pride Gym in Grand Rapids.
R.I.P, Buster. Boxing mourned your loss.










Alan Kahn & John Brown, Owner of
Ringside Boxing and boxing coach.

Together at the National Silver Gloves boxing championships in Kansas City.


Roger Hoover, boxing Referee, Kenny Weldon, boxing coach, and Alan Kahn at national silver gloves in Kansas City, MO

Kenny Weldon is a premier boxing coach and his Learn to Box series is highly recommended for boxers of all levels.




Corporate Stress relief at HealthRider, in Utah.


Woman love the speed bag!


Dallas, Texas


Ben Kniffen

Speed bag Inventor and master egg Artist, Delaware.




Grandbaby #1, Peyton



Dick O?leary, Madison, WI

Big Gene Lund, Detroit Mi.



Bob Dunn, Atlanta, Georgia



Unique Equipment design:
John Nuuhiwa, Hawaii



Young relative of Mr. Nuuhiwa. Uses his
Table Vice speed bag set up.

Dr. Abdulhamid Al-Tubuly M.D., Ph.D,
the Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology,( DMI) Faculty of Medicine, Al-Fateh University, Tripoli, Libya. He is becoming a speed bag master!





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Kelly practices martial arts hand techniques