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THE ART OF THE BAG..... A speed bag documentary
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Rehabilitation and the speed bag
The action of speed bag punching can be a very effective as a rehabilitation activity. Many of the benefits described in the benefits section may also be vital to someone in need of recovery from some upper body loss of function or range of motion. It is an excellent activity for those who may be physically challenged, partially or temporarily disabled.

Wheel Chairs and the speed bag
You do not have to stand up to hit a speed bag. It works perfectly well sitting down. For people in wheelchairs, hanging a wall frame lower is an alternative, as well as using a free standing frame.
Using a speed bag while sitting down can help develop trunk strength and body balance. It also requires little strength, and just the weight of your hand can push the bag. In fact, a helper can keep the elbows elevated if the user cannot raise the elbow up due to shoulder injury or loss of nerve function. As long as there is some tricep function, the bag can be used to offer resistance for pushing, and if there is any bicep function the reverse punches could be used.

Other rehabilitation uses:
Speed Bag punching may be useful in a variety of physical and emotional disorders.
? It may be especially useful in various movement disorders such as Parkinson's Disease, Cerebral Palsy and a host of other conditions termed "movement disorders" that respond to some external visual or auditory stimuli to help guide and smooth out tremulous or spastic movement.
? The forceful act of punching is a great source of stress relief, and many programs for people with psychiatric illness or emotional disturbance may find it to be beneficial.
? endorses the speed bag for stress relief in the home. Please punch or kick the speed bag and spare the spouse, kids or pets the unwanted abuse.
? The visually impaired or blinded may find their balance and sense of space improve as a result of the punching motions. To overcome the fear of being hit by the bag, a blind person might want to use an older model football helmet with a single bar across to protect the face.
Why use the speed bag in Rehabilitation?
Because it is simple, cheap and effective as a rehabilitation activity.
? The equipment cost is low in comparison to other ?rehab equipment?.
? It is a relatively safe activity with low injury potential.
? It is easy to use at the beginner skill levels.
? It is very adaptable to the home environment. This may be it?s greatest asset. You don?t have to go somewhere else to use it!
? It is unique and fun to use. Most rehab exercises are boring or get old quickly. The sound of the bag, and the ability to create with it, may hold a persons interest a little longer.
There is currently only one educational or training video available that focuses on Rehabilitation with the speed bag. It is called ?Rhythm & Rehab?. You can find information about it in the store.
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Speed Bag Central is interested in all aspects of speed bag rehabilitation. In that regard we often sponsor numerous support groups for abused and troubled speed bags. Some pictures of these therapy efforts are shown below. We take the speed bag seriously!
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