Rehabilitation & Adaptive

"Art of the Bag" will follow the evolution of the speed bag and show
that it's much more then just a boxing exercise.
Rehabilitation & Adaptive Sports links
FSCIPCC  Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury, Prevention, Care & Cure.
Wheelchair.CA  A great resource on athletics for those in wheelchairs.   
RockSteady Boxing Foundation (fighting back against Parkinson's)
How to exercise if you are in a wheelchair  Excellent article forward by Rachel Duff
, a fourth grade phys. ed for disabled children...thanks Rachel!)
Mobility Direct:
Yes you can still exercise from a wheelchair!
Dance for PD  The Mark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn, NY offers weekly classes for people with Parkinson's. Behold the power of rhythm and movement to help those with this disease!
The Rhythmic Arts Project   (TRAP)  Uses Rhythm and movement based activities to empower those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. An amazing program for those involved!

Disability & Home Remodeling: a unique site to help all remodeling projects be attractive and accessible to all! 
Disabled World-toward tomorrow:  A wide variety of disability information and useful links to topics.

Special Olympics Links
Charitable Organizations.
St. Jude's Children Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee
The V SHOW on ESPN radio: Bob Valvano "Don't ever give up"
Senior related and Aging
Family Oral History ( telling the lives of loved oned - by those that live it. Just think now you CAN speak to your great, great, great grandchildren....)    Social Security and Disability Resource Center
The Internet is the Largest Library in the world! Find information on almost anything by using the search engines below:
Useful Health, Rehabilitation or Disability links
MGH_Neurology Web resources; ( many links on many topics)
United Spinal Association ( Journal articles on many topics)
NON-Speed Bag or Disability related links, but we believe helpful. 
 KHAN ACADEMY    Incredible educational resource with hundreds of video tutorials
* If you know of a Rehabilitation / Disability Website or related link that would be helpful to add to this list, please  contact Speed Bag Central  with the linking information.