On June 2004 and again in June 2006 the Shorinryu Karate School at 1430 Plainfield NE, Grand Rapids Michigan hosted a Speed Bag Seminar for it's Members. Sensei Robert Giles is a believer in the use of speed bag for his students, and uses it in his teaching.  
The 2004 teaching event when on for a whole day, and various members drifted in an out to meet and train on the bag.
This picture is only a few of the members and public who stopped by to meet and train with us.  
Brian Kahn gives it shot for the very first time.
Everyone has to start some time. Brian was recently deployed to IRAQ as a member of the National Guard
Good luck Brain, and Come home safely! 
Some start younger than others.
this little guy had a ball, and his dad was first rate also.  
June 28th & June 29th 2006:  Another Speed Bag Seminar was held and many members enjoyed a demonstration along with personal instruction.
A few of the members join around and get some personal speed bag instructions.
All are proficient at basic speed bag punching.
A very unique two-bag setup allows two people to practice the speed bag simultaneously without interfering with each other. 
The youngster on the right is amazing for his age!
(Left to Right) 
Past golden gloves champ and now head instructor  Bob Giles, and student  Ken Carpenter join Alan Kahn for an afternoon of advanced instruction.
Both can easily mix elbows and fist combinations from all around the bag, and both willing teach others.  
This school has an abundance of speed bag enthusiasts Thanks, Bob!
    Bob Giles and Ken Carpenter are both worthy of the title 
"Master of the Speed Bag"
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