Special People


Matthew Santiago, young speed bag master and punch drummer extraordinare,
is featured in a new national commercial for Gillette Deoderant.
Speedbagcentral is proud of Matt and his accomplishments! We applaud
his desire to spread the word, demonstrating and teaching the speed bag.
Here he is (right) discussing the speed demon measuring
device with developer John Reynolds in July 2012. 
Here he is (below) in action, July 2013, in which he won
several of the timed punching contests! This guys FAST!
Congratulations, Matthew. Let's hope this commercial makes the SuperBowl!


Special Recognition is given to several honorary members of SpeedBagCentral. Some of these folks are dedicated to teaching others the speed bag and are recommended as qualified Instructors. Others are just incredible members of the human race that have made my life a lot better, as well as the lives of all they touch. No one walks this life alone, and these have help me as well as many others along the way.  
Dr. Roy Schroeder, Ph.d.

In 1973 his book ?Boxing Skills? was the first to feature a detailed chapter on speed bag training. His 31 striking rhythms are the basis for the 24 techniques describe in the Speed Bag Bible training program
He was also the Mentor and faculty advisor for Bill "Superfoot" Wallace during his graduate school studies at MSU, helping him author his first book Karate: Basic Concepts and Skills. The illustrations

Boxing Skills
published by:
by Regmar Publishing
Schroeder published many books in his active writing and teaching career, as well as mentored many to their advanced degrees in Kinesiology.
Sadly Dr. Schroeder past away a
few years ago unexpectedly.
Rest in Peace, Doc. We who knew you will never forget you!

Dr. Schroeder reunites with his long time student and friend Alan Kahn shortly after publication of The Speed Bag Bible training Program in 1995.
Schroeder, a marine and interservice boxing champion, started the boxing program at Memphis State University in 1973, with Kahn as a member of the inaugural class of  students, affectionately dubbed ?Schroeder?s Raiders?.
George Kam, Speed Bag instructor, Nuuanu YMCA, Honolulu Hawaii.
Mr. Kam has been a avid speed bag fan all of his life and has endlessly dedicated his time and talents to teach others. Visit ?Georges speed bag club? at the Nuuana YMCA in Honolulu. Train with him and you WILL learn speed bag, by George!
George appears on TV shows to discuss speed bag training
a student wraps her hands before she hits begins bag practice
George gives personalized individual instruction
to each student.
Watching her progress, helping her learn the
rhythm and timing.
Many of his students have mastered the bag, hitting freely with fists and elbows from all sides.  Ellen above has achieved this level. She easily works the bag with elbows and fists, hitting from all sides.
Genie Joseph (right) media professor at Chaminade University, and television host featured George and his teaching program on The Genie Show, aired locally and on the web from Honolulu on Olelo.org, channel 52.  It was aptley titled:
Zen and the Art of The Speed Bag.  It is also availabe on DVD and it features the ladies shown in these pictures.  Get ready to see some amazing speed bag!   THANKS GENIE & GEORGE.

Jennifer, Samuy, Former physical education director at the Nuuanu YMCA and certified personal trainer. Trained with George Kam and now teaches his system to others.

Dr. Lisa Perrone, Ph.D. Lisa was a student of George Kam while studying in Hawaii and was an assistant Professor of Math in Hawaii, but is now attending Dental School in San Francisco. She can definitely rip a speed bag by the numbers. Fists & elbows from the front and back of the bag.  
She is truly awesome on the speed bag and recently attended the SpeedBag II gathering in NJ! 
Good luck in Dental School!
We hope to see her again at SpeedBagIV  in the summer of 2013

Ernest Oriente Sr. has been using a Speed bag all his life and has taught others all over the world. He now teaches daily at the Evalyn Sadlier Jones branch of the YMCA in Sarasota ,Florida.  and Check out the Drum Circle every Sunday night on Siesta Beach, Sarasota!
In May of 2003, He organized a speed bag seminar and was joined by Alan Kahn author of the Speed Bag Bible, along with several of his sons, who are all exceptional on the speed bag, for several days of intense group and private lessons. ?EO? is fully certified to teach the speed bag, and never refuses anyone who asks. For the record, he also makes the very BEST homemade pizza on the planet. ( of course, he is a retired Italian chef !)
Ernie has been recognized in the Sarasota area as "the source" for speed bag instruction, and has attracted the attention of the Mixed Martial Arts community. FightZone Magazine had an article about EO in the April/May 2008.
Ernie was the featured speed bag instructor at the
Prague, Czech Republic
Aug 3 - 9   2008
For his unselfish efforts to help others and boundless enthusiasm for teaching,
 Ernie was awarded the Sarasota Family YMCA

Grand Master Kyong Sik Song, OHTC Dallas, Texas

Dr. Douglas Tippin, MD, Ph.D Radiology Oncologist (holding Samauri, the cat) and Libby.
Douglas is a lifelong friend, and as a specialist treating cancer, he truly knows more about it than most
having survived his own extended bout with Multiple Myeloma, bone marrow transplants and all!
Hang in there Doug!   See him at the links Below:  


Prime Fighter Sports, Noel Mo. Prime Fighter Sports is an independent sporting Goods company that makes their own original Speed bag and boxing equipment. They hosted Alan Kahn to sample their speed bag equipment And offer advice. No advice was needed, for the Equipment they make is top quality! Lori demonstrates the wall unit model 400. Rock Steady and easy adjustment!

Randy Ray, his wife Lori, Alan Kahn and Billy Coffman on right.

Many of those mentioned here deserve a medal for their work and dedication. However There is one honorary member of speed bag central that earned his medal the old fashion Way - On the field of battle. John Baca was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for valor in action during the Vietnam war. He is also a genuine speed bag expert. But that pale?s in comparison to the price he paid for our freedom. We?re just glad he?s alive and proud to call him friend.
Read about him at the Congressional Medal of Honor Website.
The Congressional Medal of Honor convention 2003, in Branson Mo. the late Robert Howard, CMOH Elizabeth Kahn, John Baca CMOH and Maxine Nally.
* Col. Robert Howard was the most decorated Combat soldier in Vietnam.
Read about Him at the Congressional Medal of honor website.
* Sadly, Col. Robert L Howard passed away on December 23, 2009 in Waco, Texas and
was buried February 22, 2010 in Arlington Nation Cemetary.  Rest in Peace, Col. We may
never see your likes again...
Left, Mr. Mike Radford, veteran ambassador
Right, Mr. John Finn. Mr. Finn recently turned 100 years old!  He is the last living CMOH recipient for actions taken at Pearl Harbor, Dec 7, 1941.   
Read about the recipient, Mr. John Finn  and his actions at Pearl Harbor. He truly is one of a kind. 
Sadly, Mr. Finn passed away May 27, 2010 at the age of 100.  I was proud to have met him and truly hope that he may rest in peace next to his beloved wife, Alice.   

Tim Platt, developer of SpeedBagForum.com has provided a dedicated online forum for speed baggers to meet from all over the world. 

A computer genious, he is employed in the computer industry with EA Sports.
  An avid speed bagger himself, he works out regularly and strives to improve his own punching skills.



Bobby Valvano,  The Vshow on ESPN RADIO

Bob Valvano host of The V Show with Bob Valvano on espn radio. But he is much more than that. As an avid sports fan he champions what is right about sports. In honor of his brother, the late Jimmy Valvano, the renown Basketball coach of N.C. State University and later ESPN radio host, Bobby and ESPN sponsor the "Don't ever give up" awards, recognizing people who face great adversity in life but never quit, and strive to triumph over it. Recently, he honored a life long speed bagger, Alan Kahn with this award for overcoming various physical challenges yet continuing to use the speed bag as a motivational activity to help others. Along with that recognition was a personal on-air interview, taking the magic of the speed bag to millions of listeners, and sharing a personal story of how his own father taught speed bag to kids in the PAL program years ago. * Listen to the interview on espn radio (click on "kahn")   (turn off  any popup blockers)
Speedbagcentral recognizes Bobby Valvano and his work - not only because of  his nod to the speed bag - but because despite his celebrity and position, he has never forgotten "the fans". Those of us who fill the cheap seats to watch, or man the sidelines as our kids live out their sports dreams. He recognizes, actually champions, the small victories that loom so large in our own lives - and broadcasts them to the world. Through his Radio program, work with the JimmyV foundation, and daily sports columns, he lets the fan share the spotlight with their sports hero's. All media sports professionals can get the big interviews from the stars - but by recognizing the little men among us, he is truly singing for the unsung hero.  Bravo!   Now, That's a man to be admired.  
   other V links of interest:
The ESPY Awards  (JimmyV foundation is their recognized charitable recipient)
The Gifts of JimmyV (Bobby V's personal book about his brother)
* Vshow photo and logo used with permission by Bobby V and espn.