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The Definitive and fascinating history of the
Speed Bag from its early days in vaudeville
to the greats of the ring, to the modern day
masters who will blow your mind!
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The Speed Bag Bible Training Program, by Alan Kahn, isbn: 0964182769
The only comprehensive training program completed dedicated to speed bag training.
Most of the training information on this site can be found inside, as well as much more. It started as a book, and has since expanded to supportive video programs.
The Speed Bag Bible is NOW available in eBook formats, .epub and
mobi (kindle)



This book uncovers all the secrets of how the Speed Bag works.

Topics include: Equipment, movements, bag rhythms, the difference between techniques and combinations, and individually identifies 24 punching & elbow striking techniques from the front, side and back of the bag. It clearly develops how these techniques can be joined to create hundreds of different combinations. Special chapters are also included for martial arts techniques, hitting to music and advanced punching combinations.  It is THE source for Speed Bag information.   
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eBook formats are available  

   The Speed Bag Bible   Amazon Kindle Edition

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The Speed Bag Bible comprehensive 2 hour video or DVD



This is an amazing 2 hour companion video to the book

Topics include: Equipment, swing movements, bag rhythms and 24 punching & elbow striking techniques from the front, side and back of the bag. Each technique is demonstrated with several practice combinations. Several slow motion sequences are included, complete with voice over explanations and different camera angles to maximize your visual understanding.
more video information at Amazon.com
DVD is available from Amazon and TitleBoxing and BalazsBoxing
As well in the older VHS Format 
                         2hr DVD is available for online streaming! 

The Speed Bag Bible Four ? DVD series (also on VHS)




For the speed bag fanatic, there is also a four DVD series.
The four DVD series was created for those who want the most detailed and expanded explanations and more time devoted to each content area as described below.
DVD-1  Equipment & 7 Basic Punching techniques. (4-front 3-reverse)
DVD-2  Review, Elbow Striking Techniques ( 12 techniques)
DVD-3 Review,  Side Punching Techniques   ( 6 techniques)
DVD-4 Review, Advanced Punching Combinations. (info not in single DVD)
Currently, this is only available directly from Speedbagcentral. Inquires for this set should contact Speedbagcentral.com via the contact page or check on
 Ebay for occasional sales offerings.

** For those who have the Single, (comprehensive) all inclusive 2hr DVD
above, you might benefit from DVD-4, which is advanced combination information that was not included in the Single DVD version. There just wasn't enough space on that DVD.
You can purchase DVD-4 "Advanced Combinations", individually.
It covers the more advanced punching combinations and topics covered in Chapters 10-11 of the book.  IF you want to get DVD-4 individually, please contact SpeedBagCentral via the contract page.  





     Rhythm & Rehab ( DVD format only)  
This is a 2-hour video dedicated to teaching how the speed bag can be used for rehabilitation and as a home fitness activity for those with physical challenges. It covers equipment, the most basic punching and elbow striking techniques, How to learn them and how to set up a personal and targeted rehab or fitness program for your own individual needs. It is also captioned for those with hearing impairment.  Much of the information is related to The Speed Bag Bible, but it is taught at a much different level. The speed bag can adapt to everyone, of any level physical capacity - and this video will show you how. It is aimed at both Therapists who might want to consider adding a speed bag to their treatment facility, as well as individuals who may be looking for a simple and safe home fitness activity.  

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The Speed Bag Bible training materials are available from numerous vendors on the web and the book and videotapes can also be purchased in combined sets from the following:

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