On January 18-19 of 2014, Heather  Gullick (Wellard) made her second attempt to establish the first record for non-stop speed ball punching.  Aided by a host of friends, sponsors and her husband Rik, SHE MADE IT! 
When the punching stopped, she had officially logged 30 hours, 15 minutes!!

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March 5-6th, 2005: Heather Wellard of Tonbridge England made her first attempt to establish the first Guinness world record set with a speed bag by punching non-stop for 26 hours.
This was to be the very first Guinness speed bag entry. It took place at Peak Fitness in Kent UK, and she was helped by her personal trainer, Jack McBrien and her boyfriend/fiancee Rik. the event also raised money for several charities, The Muscular Dystrophy campaign, and the Hospice in the Weld.Unfortunately the Guinness Judges did not accept the proof submitted for this event, and Heather was left to try again. But in January of 2014, (above) she did it!
SpeedBagCentral.com  and all speed bag fans congratulate Heather on her incredible accomplishment.
Local friends and relatives gather to watch the event and support her efforts.
the local media cover the action!
GAME ON!  She's going for it...
Heather is accomplished on the speed bag. She mixes in fist and elbow strikes to keep it moving.

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She wisely mixes in Hook Punching combinations to relieve the burn.
this is the face of concentration and dedication. Only 13 hours to go!
the rules are simple:  keep the bag going non-stop for 50 minutes of every hour. Keep verified records to prove you did it.
A modified speed bag stance helps her make it through the wee hours....
displaying her own "heather shuffle" footwork while punching the bag?
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her fiancee Rik keeps her hydrated..
Almost there, can't stop now....

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SHE MADE IT!  26 hours, non-stop! 
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