The FIRST ANNUAL SPEED BAG Gathering 2010 took place at Real Gymm in beautiful Keyport, NEW Jersey from Friday June 18th, 2010 through Sunday June 20th. As far as we know, it was the first ever gathering of dedicated speed bag enthusiasts. Attendees from all over the United States, with a special guest appearance by a few enthusiasts from Australia!   Below are some pictures of the event.
    About half of the 3-day attendees pose for a picture outside Real Gymm
Donnie Blanks (owner Real Gymm, center) with Deano (left) and Deano's dad Ted (right), all the way from Balgownie, Australia.  Wonderful people!
"..that's a long walkabout, mate!"
Father (80+) and Son, (Deano) punching
side by side.   It's a family affair
Big Donnie Blanks (left) and Son Skye (right). 
Deano, Bif, Ted, and Adam (speedbagscissorhands) Salomon making the sign of the Scissors. They say it will make you famous..
Donnie and Alan Kahn, author of The Speed Bag Bible
 Big TommyT and Brian Tichy, Drummer for Whitesnake.  Incredible baggers.

Dee from the far northwest rips it with a smile. She is an awesome Punch Drummer, and keeps great "bag time".  She loves to Punch to all kinds of music.

Dee, Adam and Ted swap pictures and punching theory

Louis and Alan Kahn (me). He has incredible control of Front Fist Rolling and punching accents. 

Louis "Goes Vertical" on the vertical speed bag setup.
This was a unique speed bag set up not seen before.  

A very stable multiple bag platform was available outside. Thanks to Tim Platt for bring this!

One of the trainers at Real Gymm is the amazing Jamie-Reed Kovak, AKA "FURY" on the original American Gladiators TV show. Great person and Powerful!

Deano (right) demonstrates his unique punching style from the sides of the bag, hitting over and under his elbow with incredible speed and skill.

Biff and Ted, both members of speedbagforum,  meeting for the first time.   This happened a lot!

Besides punching the bag we all liked to eat.

 Zach holding speed bag court at the Bayside.

Ted, Zach (background), Brian Tichy and Tim Platt are talking bag long into the night.

 Ted working out on the Fight Sports 8x5. Everybody loved this speed bag.

Brian Tichy sets up for a Punch Drumming Demo.
He adapts a low set vertical bag for punching. 

Brian Tichy, one of the top Rock & Roll drummers today (Whitesnake, Foreigner, Billy Idol and Ozzy Ozburne to name a few....) put
on an amazing display of Hard Core speed bag Punchdrumming.   His skill is truly amazing.

Young Skye Blanks gets a personal speed bag lesson from Brian Tichy. (Drum lesson, too)  

Adam Salomon (SpeedBagScissorhands) gets a lesson from TED on how to speak Australian
Zach (SpeedBagSkunk) tries out the Fighting Sports 8x5 model. He makes every bag look good.

Zach shows off his new "behind the head" punch! He is a speed bag phenomenon, with control and speed unseen by anyone before.   Simply unreal.
Many thanks to the sponsors of this event
The facility, The Shirts, Lunches, Dinner, and Donnie Blanks, who is the Greatest!
For many Speed Bag I-Box systems to use and store for next year. Also their new Speed Bag prototype.
This event would not have happened without the help and belief of Tim Platt, owner of and his wife Carol. This was his triumph for the speed bag community.
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