The Second Annual Speed bag Gathering was held June 16-19 2011 at Real Gymm in Keyport , NJ . It featured a talented group of speed bag enthusiasts from all over the United States . Several of the most talented speed baggers in the country demonstrated new combinations with new twists, spins and all kinds of moves never before seen on horizontal or Vertical speed bagging. With every Annual gathering the Skill and punching combinations are taken to new levels!
Setting it all up. About 10 boards to go...

Kerry, Donne, Dee, Zach & TommyT.
Behind, Alan Kahn & Bif

Louis, Zach, Tim, Justin & Greg, together again after a year away.

Justin B& Zach Ruffo (SpeedBagSkunk).
Two of the very best under the board. These two get
to teach me a thing or two every time we get together!
Every year new people attend wanting to learn
Timshows his amazingDouble & Triple bumping elbows on the Yellow Title 8x5 as Lisa watches. Always improving his skill!

The Speed Bag community owes Tim and Carol Platt a huge thank you for all the personal time
effort and work behind the scenes in bringing these Gatherings to life. As owner and Web-master of, Tim has first created on online gathering place for speed bag enthusiasts, and
now is a vital part of these gatherings, making and transporting the multi-station speed bag floor rack,
garnering and transporting 10 or more speed bag wall units and managng all the hardware to set it up.
During thelast fewyears he has also become one of the finest speed bag masters himself.
Carol works quietly behind the scenes, keeping all the details straight as well as"watching the kids"
when Tim is off to the bags.Here is a giant THANK YOU from all Baggers!

Dr. Lisa Perrone, Ph.D and soon to be Dentist is a long time
speed bag enthusiast and finally got to attend a gathering.

The Amazing Tommy T sets up his uniquely designedportable double bag speed bag board that hooks up to his truck. It can beused for either Vertical or HorizontalBag Punching!

Zach gets ready to test the dual bag board
Everyone had a great time hitting on Tommy's tandem bag board in the vertical position.
Tommy Shows his prized antique bag, from circa 1930's. They don't make them like this anymore
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Tim & Justin test the speed limits of a few speed bags
Kerry listens to a little "Zach Yakin", as he teaches one of his incredible combinations.
No secrets are kept about bagging tricks!
Louis working his elbows as Zach watches
These custom made coffee mugs as well as all kinds of speed bags and other related items were auctioned off to raise charitable donations for the Monmouth Sunshine Foundation and thanks to the generousity of the speed bagging community and event sponsors, over $2,500.00 was raised and given to the local organization.
Thanks to the great sponsors for this years Gathering

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