July 13-15, 2012 at Real Gymm in Keyport, NJ
The SPEEDB.A.G. Gathering III had several ground breaking events taking place at the same time. 
First, the introduction of the Speed Demon a new digital measuring device for speed bag punching, accurately measuring both punching speed and levels of endurance. The inventor, Mr. John Reynolds, attended the gathering and let some of the best speed baggers in the world put it to the test.  The results of various contests are listed here. several of these records have already been passed!

The Second ground breaking event to take place during this Gathering was the initial filming and production of a new documentary film   "The Art of the Bag", by ZaZacast films.

ZaZa, alias Joe Saba, is a mild mannered multimedia film producer who became addicted
to speed bagging and set about uncovering the background and history of the speedbag
and the reasons why there are so many people like him, drawn tothe sight, sounds and fury
of speed bag training. The film "stars" are speed baggers from days past and present, and
highlights how the speed bag has gone far beyond its simple boxing roots, into
the expressive world of percussive "punch drumming"
The Film is due out in the Summer of 2013. 

Tim Platt and others Setting up "The Speed Bag Cage"

"The Speed Bag Cage" (12 wall units) ready for action 
John Reynolds explains to Matthew Santiago
how the speed demon device works.

Justin Buffamante, one of the worlds best speed baggers, prepares to put the "speed demon" to 
the test. 
Just a bunch of happy baggers taking in all the
speed bag action and filming. 
Justin Buffamante (Juxt), Louis (G-Town), Dee Mandeville (MsDeville) and Tim Platt, owner of speedbagforum.com,  

Tommy "Speedy Tommy T" Tabino and
Zach "Speed Bag Skunk" Ruffo. 
Everybody gets into the action. A young girl hits 
the vertical bag at left while mom works the
"regular"Speed Bag on the right. 
The punching goes on, non-stop, inside and
outside. Here G-Town and Matt cut loose
on Tommy Tabino's ingenious 
speed bag truck vertical boards.
More outside action, punching vertical bags

Sifu George Hajnasr with Alan Kahn
 John Reynolds, owner of VIR innovations brought his "Speed Demon" device to accurately measure
speed bag punching speed (punches per minute in triplet rhythm) and total punches thrown, as well
as offer a "challenge mode" for increasing levels of punching speed during your workout. 
The SPEEDB.A.G 2012 gathering had a lively competition between attendees, measuring their
punching speed and endurance against each other. At right shows the digital read out of
bag master Tommy Tabino reaching a punching speed of 237 punches per minute. 

Light, Camera, Action! film maker and speed bagger
Joe Saba spent hour behind the camera filming
all the action at SPEEDB.A.G 2012 for parts
of  his new film "The Art of the Bag" 
A speed bag story.


Filming a speed bag segment to capture the punching
amazing skills of Zach "Speed Bag Skunk" Ruffo

Joe "ZaZa" Saba showing a video segment
replay to Tommy Tabino and Tim Platt of 

The unique speed bag board design of the Deville X-15 Board
which features a recessed ballhook swivel. Customized quality, created by MsDeville
Sifu George Hajnasr demonstrates punching
two speed bags at the same time.
We are always ready to teach the next
generation of speed baggers!

 The next generation of speed baggers always love
to attend the gatherings and learn from the best. 
Not necessarily the best method to adjust
a bag that is too high, but sometimes
a punchers just got to punch.
Mr. Donnie "Real Gymm" Blanks, owner 
and speed bag enthusiast. 
One of our favorite pictures of our gracious host, Big Donnie Blanks,
owner and master trainer of Real Gymm.  Trainer of Elite athletes
and speed bag enthusiast.... but always a father first. 

Thanks Donnie for all you do!