A noble captain and crew embrace the Speed Bag
The USS TORTUGA (LSD-46) is a Whidbey Island-class dock landing ship of the U.S. Navy. It was originally homeported in Little Creek, Va., and was given a forward-deployment to Sasebo, Japan. It arrived in Sasebo 31 March 2006. It has remained there on duty since. read more about The Tortuga history�here.


The Captain is Navy Commander Todd A. Lewis, a Chesapeake, Va., native and 20-year naval veteran. The picture at right is his official uniform.
Commander Todd Lewis in his Speed Bag Uniform....
Commander Lewis has promoted speed bag training on board, made sure the equipment is maintained, and can often be found teaching his crew how it's done. He is a true speed bag enthusiast!


IN April of 2007, the ship sponsored it's first Speed Bag Competition featuring several categories: First, - the longest time punching without breaking (triple) rhythm, and second - a Freestyle competition for the most original and varied
speed bag combinations performed. Both men and woman competed
Cpl. Alex Jones
took home the male speed bag championship for being able to continuously hit the bag for 1 minute, 55 seconds without missing.
Seaman Andrew C. Jones
captured the freestyle championship with his unique style and flair of fists and elbows.
Engineman 3rd Class (SW)
Tiffany M. Bailey
captured both of the Tortuga's female speed bag awards for Rhythm and Freestyle Punching
Other pictures of the Competition.
*all photo's courtesy of Cmdr. Todd Lewis and posted with his permission.
The Sailors and Marines on the USS Tortuga are also involved in many good will missions throughout their base location. Here are some links to articles about these fine Americans who are representing the United States with Courage and Dignity. 

To all entire crew of "Team Tortuga", God Speed, and thank you for your service. My you all have safe seas and a safe return to your home port.
Naval Hymm, Eternal Father