Veterans Links

24-HR NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION Veteran Crisis hotline:  1-800-273-TALK (8255)
If YOU are a Veteran of the American Armed Forces, any branch:
Veterans related General Links
Since the day the United States was founded, our freedom has been assured by the American Veteran. Whether you are a Hawk or a Dove, Please support without question those that face conflict on our behalf. If you are an employer, the greatest act of respect you can show is to hire a veteran. If you are not an employer, then ask employers you know to hire a veteran. At any time that you meet a veteran, from any era of military service, please thank them for their service to our country. Concerning veteran?s issues, the following website links are offered.
Speedbagcentral.com welcomes and salutes the past Proud Captain and Crew of the USS Tortuga as a friend and believer in the benefits of boxing and speed bag training. Good Luck and God Speed to the ship and crew. 
Suicide Hotline for Combat Veterans.      Please call for help! 
..and thanks to Kelly Graves and her special group of kids who have sent us this link!!
Fallen Hero's Memorial  (in honor of those killed OEF & OIF)
National Personnel Records Center   (Vets can request their records)
Vet Friends.com    help vets reunite with military friends
Historical documents    Many of Interest to Veterans
Department of Defense links page ( many links)
U.S. Army Wounded Warrior support  Links & services for those in need.
Woundedwarrior.org  (great stories of inspiration. HELP THEM..)
Army Career and Alumni Program  (making your transition a success)
The American Veteran  ( Video clips of  sacrifice and service )
Veteran Records  ( Online Military Record system. Request records here)
MilitaryHandBooks.com ( free handbooks [*pdf] for military issues & benefits)
Fisher House  Helping Military Families in need
Militaryhub.com  Financial advice and services for our military hero's.
IAVA.ORG  Irag & Afganistan Veterans of America
Fedshirevets.gov  (links to Federal Employment opportunities)
USAJOBS.Gov     All major government vacancies.
SSDRC.com    Social Security and Disability Resource Center
Help for Homeless Veterans  VA's pledge to end Veteran homelessness by 2015!
Make the Connection:  Excellent veterans links to connect with services or others like you.
Military Online Colleges.org  information on accredited degree programs for Veterans.
PatriotGuard.org   A valient group, Protecting the dignity and honor of those who have given their lives for our freedom. Ride with pride!

Veteran Service Organizations
Veterans Resources for information on many topics
DEPARTMENT of Veterans Affairs (V.A.) related
Woman Veterans Health Services   She served too!
NEW Veterans eBenefits  one-stop site for veterans benefits-related online tools and information for Wounded Warriors, Veterans, Service members, Family of Service Members, and those who care for them.
American Corporate Partners (ACP)   a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping military Veterans make connections in the civilian workforce.

Daniel K. Methvin    ( I knew this man and work with his mother.)
Fallen Soldiers of  Iraqi Freedom
Navy Hymn, choral Video ( U.S. Na�vy Band?s Sea Chanters  )
Military Care Packages: Sending Smiles Overseas: Everyone loves a gift package!
Veterans Online Forums
Graigs List for Wounded Warriors  ( if YOU are a wounded warrior in need,  Post it here!)  
Important Veterans Issues
VAMortgageCenters.com   VA approved Mortgage Lenders
MilitaryVALoan.com   MilitaryVALoan.com is a financial resource portal for active duty
military personnel and non-active duty military veterans
Finding an Attorney (Laws.com)  Questions and listings by state and legal issues.
Holocaust Related - YES, it happened. Stop denying it!!
Remember.org  (many topics)
Government related Links
First.Gov   many government links
U.S. Copyright Office, Library of Congress  ( if you wrote it, protect it...)
Ellis Island Immigration Records  find your immigrant heritage.
Employment Related
From Military to Civilian Police Officer Resource for those veterans interested in Police Work
If you know of a related website that would be helpful to American Veterans and listed here, please contact SpeedBagCentral.com  and we will add it.